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When we talk about Situational Judgement Tests, employers can evaluate your approach towards job circumstances through these tests. The tests are designed around fictitious work scenarios, to which you are supposed to respond appropriately. Your responses will demonstrate how well you match with the principles and practices of that specific business. Psychometricexams.com can help you resolve all the problems associated with the Situational Judgement Tests so that you can live stress free life at no worries. Simply Avail Situational Judgement Tests Help From our experts and get your job of “Do My Situational Judgement Psychometric Tests” done whenever you need it.

What is a Situational Judgement Test?

An SJT, or situational judgment test, is a kind of psychometric evaluation that is frequently included in the evaluation procedure for various job applications. During a Situational Job Test, you will be asked to think through a number of fictitious workplace scenarios that could arise in the position you are interviewing for. After that, you are free to choose the solution you believe best addresses each question. You are then asked to choose or order the responses after reading the scenario. In fact, none of the answers may be your natural reaction to the situation, therefore there are no good or wrong answers in and of themselves.

SJTs give you an understanding of how you might handle the demands of the job and the efficacy of your judgment. They also give you an understanding of the role during the selection process and the decisions and situations you might face if you are hired by the company.

Why Do Employers Use Situational Judgement Tests?

When interviewing for jobs where there are a lot of applicants, then with such graduate posts, situational judgment exams are frequently used. Employers also use SJTs when they are looking for other ways to evaluate application performance because most candidates may have similar academic backgrounds.

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How Situational Judgement Tests Work?

In this Multiple-choice assessment process or better known as situational judgement tests, you will be asked to answer questions about 25 to 50 descriptions or scenarios. Although there is typically no time constraint, you should plan to work swiftly as well as intuitively, therefore you should estimate that each question on the test will take about a minute. Every right response carries one mark. A question and some options will follow each brief scenario or description. You don't need to know any further information in order to respond to the question because it has all the necessary information. Usually, you will be asked to either rank the options or select the solution that is least effective or the best, more probable or most effective listed.

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What are the Skills that can be assessed with Situational Judgement Psychometric exams?

Different Skills that can be assessed with SJT are:

  • Team working
  • Communication skills
  • Building relationships
  • Commercial awareness
  • Motivation
  • Delivering results as well as long-term planning.
  • Strategy
How to Give Situational Judgement Test?

SJTs are typically given on a computer & might consist just of text or include movies to generate a scenario that can be answered with text. Rarely, an SJT will be a paper exercise, otherwise, the responses are often written rather than spoken.

How are situational judgement tests scored?

Situational judgment assessments assess how well you function at work in various contexts. Your responses will be categorized based on the skills they evaluate. Subsequently, the answers delivered by the normative group are compared with the total score for each ability.

Is there a time limit for a situational judgement test?

An SJT typically has no time limit, however you should anticipate being able to respond to questions at a rate of roughly one question every minute. Thus, an exam with twenty questions or situations ought to be finished in twenty minutes.


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