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Psychometric exams, or in other words aptitude tests, are frequently utilized by the companies in interviews as well as evaluations nowadays. Here, a range of online job placement exams are used to evaluate personality traits or cognitive ability. Most of these assessments are administered online as well as consist of a set of timed questions. In case you have not seen one yet, you probably will in the near future as recruiting firms frequently utilize them throughout the preliminary stages of evaluation in order to better manage applicant pools.

Glencore is an MNC as well as commodities trading company that has nearly 50 years of experience utilizing natural resources in order to revolutionize modern technology. Being a sizable organization with over 160,000 workers across 35 countries, the application procedure is demanding as well as cutthroat. The sole mission of is to assist students better grasp the difficulties as well as complexities of psychometric tests so they can increase their chances of passing any job placement exam like Glencore.

What Career Options You Can Have With Glencore?

Glencore delivers job possibilities to recent graduates as well as seasoned experts. Three business segments have openings, specifically for entry-level roles: trading operations, risk management, as well as oil analysis. A graduate in trading operations is needed to have some understanding of finance, be meticulous, and communicate clearly & succinctly. An analytical mind with confidence are two crucial qualities for risk management roles. Finally, having a background in programming or mathematics and being a strategic thinker are prerequisites for graduate positions in oil analysis. In contrast to many entry-level programs that place a strong focus on training, Glencore delivers a setting where new hires can explore their career options through real-world experience from day one.

The Application Process of Glencore is defined as Follows:

  • Online application
  • Video interview
  • Aptitude tests
  • Assessment centre

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