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E.ON Job Placement Exam Process

Online application form: First stage of recruitment where you are required to deliver necessary information, skills, experience, etc.

Online tests: An email invitation will be sent to finish the E.ON tests.

Different sorts of online Job placement exams in order to assess candidates at EON are:

  • Numerical reasoning tests
  • Verbal reasoning tests
  • Logical, Diagrammatic or Inductive reasoning tests
  • Situational judgement tests
  • Mechanical reasoning tests

Phone / Video Interview: With the requirement of Soft skills

Assessment centre Round: Assessment at the Premises

Partner interview: A final stage of recruitment process.

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What is EON?

EON is a Germany's largest energy firm, measured in terms of assets & revenues, and it is the corporation established in 2000 and comes in 180th place in the Forbes Global list of 2000 companies.

Is passing the EON Job Placement Exam challenging?

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