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Opportunities You Can Grab with SHL Pertaining to Different Job Roles:

One of the top most providers of psychometric tests worldwide is SHL. Employers all across the world use its evaluations extensively in order to evaluate applicants during the hiring process. SHL examinations analyse verbal, numeracy, behavioural, as well as cognitive capabilities, thus employers ask candidates to take the Job placement exam to determine applicant suitability for the position.

The SHL assessment is a multiple-choice psychometric test designed to assist businesses in terms of evaluating a certain skill set among potential employees.

Your evaluation may consist of the following if a potential employer has requested you to take the SHL test:

SHL based cognitive assessments

  • SHL General Ability Test
  • SHL Numerical-Reasoning Test
  • SHL Inductive-Reasoning Test
  • SHL Deductive-Reasoning Test
  • SHL Verbal Reasoning Test
  • SHL Mechanical-Comprehension Test
  • SHL Checking Test
  • SHL Verify-Calculation Test

SHL based behavioural assessments

  • Realistic Job Previews
  • Situational judgement test
  • Universal competency framework

SHL based personality assessments

  • SHL Motivational Questionnaire
  • SHL OPQ Personality Questionnaire
  • SHL Remote-WorkQ or simply RWQ

SHL skills assessments with job simulations

  • Coding simulations
  • Language skills
  • Technical skills
  • Job specific simulations

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Which employers Mainly Utilize SHL tests?

You are likely to face this examination in case you are applying to prestigious corporations because SHL job placement exam based assessment is utilized in the hiring process by over 75% of top 100 companies globally and over half of Fortune Global 500 organizations. SHL is arguably the most well-known assessment publisher in the world, publishing its exams in more than 30 languages. Employers from a range of backgrounds as well as industries can find high-potential applicants with the help of SHL assessments. Companies will use this data to generate a more efficient means of shortlisting new employees because it can provide insightful information about a candidate's personality and skills.

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