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Grab Insane Job Roles with CCAT Job Placement Exam:

The CCAT, which is a pre-employment aptitude exam can measure an individual's aptitude, or ability to solve given problems, digest & apply information, learn new skills, as well as think critically. Several with high ability are more likely to be speedy learners & high performers than are various with low ability. The CCAT Job Placement exam typically contains 50 problems, and very few people finish all 50 in the 15 minute time limit. The CCAT is one of the most popular employment aptitude assessments, having been administered more than 10 million times.

How Exactly Is the CCAT Job Placement Exam Scored?

A highly complex scoring system is utilized for the purpose of CCAT Job Placement Exam in order to guarantee that applicants are evaluated accurately. Since the CCAT job placement exam is conducted online, you will have your detailed outcomes right away.

Instead of receiving a random score, candidates are frequently compared against candidates in a particular position.

The following points will be clarified in the two-page CCAT Job placement exam score breakdown:

A Raw Score: The number of questions you answered correctly is your raw score. Support if you answered 20 questions correctly, your raw score is 20. The raw score average is around 24.

Percentile Ranking: The raw score is then translated into a relative performance metric called the percentile rating. In comparison to the rest of the population, your performance improves with a higher score. A candidate that has a score of 60, for instance, will outperform the other 60% of contenders.

Sub-scores: Results for every and every test category will also be tallied and shown.

Score range: This describes a candidate's performance in relation to an estimate of how their peers will score. An accountant, for instance, or someone working with numbers, should score between 24 and 39. A person working in customer service, like a manager of a store, will probably receive a score of 20 to 37.

Here the average pass score is around 28 in most of the cases.

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The CCAT Job Placement Exam: What is it?

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, or simply CCAT Job Placement Exam, assesses a candidate's capacity for learning as well as applying new material in addition to their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Is passing the CCAT Job Placement Exam challenging?

Although the CCAT Job Placement Exam has a comparatively modest passing mark of 28, it might be challenging to pass. With plenty of study & practice for the CCAT, passing is quite doable.

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